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Rocktober is back!

We style advisors at Walters & Hogsett Jewelers would like to share our absolute favorite gemstones. Obviously, we work in this industry for many reasons, but our love of colored stones is high up there on our list. We dedicate a whole month out of every year to celebrate them. Keep on reading to see our top choices and learn some fun facts about each.


bicolor tourmalineTamara Loves Tourmaline

This is Tamara’s favorite for its combination of colors; deep greens, hot pinks, and blues.

Did you know? Tourmaline has for centuries adorned the jewelry of royalty. The last empress of China, Empress Dowager Tz’u His, valued the pink tourmaline above all other gemstones. In addition, the people of ancient Ceylon used to refer to the tourmaline as “turmali,” which literally means “more colors.”


tanzaniteGail’s Favorite, Tanzanite

Gail’s favorite colors are blue and purple, which is why she loves Tanzanite. It comes in such a wide variety of color, from lilac blue to deep blue-violet.

Did you know? Tanzanite has been so popular since its discovery that it was the very first gemstone added to the birthstone list created in 1912 by the American Gem Trade Association. Also, the only place in the world that Tanzanite can be mined is in Tanzania at the base of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.


large emerald ringMorgan and Emeralds

Morgan’s favorite gemstone is the emerald because of its incredible vibrant green color and the way that it has been desired throughout history.

Did you know? Emerald is said to symbolize rebirth and the abundance of life and is referred to as the amulet of good fortune. It was first discovered by 16th Century Spanish explorers who found large emeralds in possession of the Aztecs and Incas.


Mark’s Pick: Alexandrite

 The mystery of its color change is why Mark picked this gemstone. The Alexandrite, depending on what type of light source it is absorbing, can either reflect a deep green or merlot hue.

Did you know? Alexandrite is a gem variety of the mineral chrysoberyl discovered in 1830 in Czarist, Russia. Since the old Russian imperial colors are red and green, it was named after Czar Alexander II, emperor of Russian, on the occasion of his coming of age.


Aquamarine engagement ring

Emily Adores Aquamarine

Emily loves the aquamarine for the purity of color it presents. It reminds her of looking into a beautiful lagoon. And, it’s also her birthstone!

Did you know? Legend says that Neptune, King of the Sea, would give aquamarine as a gift to the mermaids. Aquamarine has also been thought to bring peace and love to all who own it.


Don Loves Sapphires

The sapphire is Don’s all-time favorite gemstone for its diversity of color (especially when that color is natural and without heat treatment).  It’s also reliable to wear out because of its durability and hardness.

Did you know? The ancient Persian rules believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire and its reflection was what colored the heavens blue. A gift of sapphire typically symbolizes a pledge of trust and loyalty.



For more exciting and interesting information on these gemstones and other beauties that we didn’t get to mention, check out the most recent article by VOGUE magazine here: https://www.vogue.com/article/meaning-history-gemstones-rubies-emeralds-diamonds




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