What is Custom Jewelry Design?

What is Custom Jewelry Design?

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination 

Studio W&H at Walters & Hogsett is the home to custom design and jewelry refurbishing. You may be asking yourself, what exactly is custom design? Custom design is the process of taking one's unworn jewelry, materials from family heirlooms, or simply a vision, and bringing it to life. The possibilities are endless when it comes to buying, collecting, and designing your own jewelry. As the conversation with our design experts begins, you’ll find out that custom design is a working process, so there’s no need to know exactly what you want right away. The collaboration between you and our artisans will open up creative visions and ideas further than you ever thought! From dainty pieces to bold designs, we’re ready to help create a piece of jewelry that is completely unique to you. 

two tone metal wedding bands with mountain ranges cut out with diamonds and amethysts for bride and groom

Starting From Scratch

Custom design doesn’t always have to start with any existing materials. There are many different ways to go about it, whether you’re starting your first design or your fifth. The first step is making an appointment with one of our design experts. No need to bring anything in other than yourself and a general idea of what you’d like. Materials can be ordered and gemstones can be selected. Starting the conversation is the most important step! From here, we can get a sense of your style, ideas, and give suggestions. We will also talk to our in-house bench jewelers to make sure what you envision is structurally sound and durable.  

gold necklace with "s" and "h" pendants in diamonds custom jewelry
Repurposing and Redesign 

Take a look into your jewelry box. Have you received a family heirloom or found something you haven’t worn in awhile? With repurposing or redesign, that piece of jewelry can be transformed into something wearable for you, often in only a few weeks! Taking vintage treasures that might not fit your style, and turning them into a new piece, is a process like no other. Going back into your collection and seeing a piece that feels brand new, but still holds its sentimentality, is so special. With custom design, you are re-establishing a story and making it your own!

custom pendant with various colored gemstones custom design


Lastly, there is something you can do to your jewelry to personalize it even more, that doesn't require creating something new or starting from scratch. Getting a piece engraved is a great way to solidify a message, date, or the initials of your loved ones. Most pieces are engravable, and with Studio W&H, you have full customization over how you want your engraving to look. We offer machine engraving and hand engraving, so there is a variety of choices! 

thick gold ring with engraving on inside custom designGetting Started

In conclusion, there are so many doors that the custom design process opens. It brings a level of creativity, personality, and uniqueness to the table. Creating your own piece is a truly unique experience; whether you found inspiration in an existing piece or want to start from scratch. Additionally, repurposing is perfect for those who want to keep the sentimentality of a piece. The special aspect of custom design is that you are the one that gets to decide exactly how it looks. The piece wrapped around your finger or resting on your neck can only be found on you. You can learn more about the custom process by visiting our webpage.

custom lariat necklace with pearls and deep red gemstone in gold The possibilities are endless, and you’ll have a beautiful piece that will last a lifetime. With custom design or redesign work, your jewelry can become new again. Remember, all you really need to get started is an idea of what you want to do. Let us help with the rest! Give us a call, or make an appointment here. We’re ready for you!