A Complete Guide To Custom Jewelry

A Complete Guide To Custom Jewelry

Since the dawn of humanity, people have adorned themselves with jewelry. We decorate ourselves with jewelry as a symbol of achievements, a reminder of love or faith, and to harness the power of the stones we adore. One way to make these pieces even more special is by having them custom-made for you. 

With that in mind, we’ve prepared this guide to shed light on this service. At Walters & Hogsett Jewelers,
we take pride in helping our clients create custom jewelry that they can wear and love.  To help you on your
custom jewelry journey, we've created this step-by-step guide that outlines the process.  Let’s get started!

How to get custom jewelry made

Have you ever thought about having the jewelry of your dreams become a  reality? This is one of the goals you can achieve by designing a custom-made jewelry piece. It is indeed a great way to express your personality and to celebrate important events. It all comes down to telling your story in the most unique way possible.
Custom Ring Design

The custom jewelry design process can vary, but here at Walters & Hogsett it consists of three simple steps. First, the initial meeting, which is a welcoming talk between you and the jewelry designer at Studio W&H. You can think of your favorite precious metal, or a special gemstone; make sure to explore and gather as many references as you can, so you'll have an idea of how you want your piece to look. 

This is the moment for you to share your ideas and inspirations, so that the sketch has everything you like, and the designer can visualize what you are looking for. Some people enjoy incorporating family gemstones in their designs, for example; remember to keep your mind open to the possibilities, since there is no right or wrong. The sky is the limit! 
Custom Jewelry Design

How custom jewelry is made

After the initial sketches are complete and ideas are done, the materials will be passed along to our in-house jewelers, who are responsible for creating a Computer Aided Design (CAD) version  of your custom-made piece. In this second step of the process, you can go into more detail and work together with the jeweler on adjustments, such as the piece's design, shape, color, and texture. 

Don't be afraid to share your opinion, we love hearing your feedback and want to make sure it is exactly how you envisioned it. Your input  is vital in each stage of custom jewelry making!

Additionally, we are happy to print a wax model of the final version of your custom creation. This way, you will be able to see and touch the dimensions of the piece, so you can ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results. After this, the piece will be finalized and crafted just as you imagine it. 

What types of custom jewelry can I get?

There are many options for creating a custom-made piece, it all depends on your creativity and vision. You can create a  breathtaking necklace with a nice gemstone pendant, a dainty diamond ring, or even an alluring pair of earrings. The possibilities are endless as to what we can create.
Diamond Engagement Ring
Romantic Jewelry Gift
Are you looking for a personalized and one-of-a-kind engagement ring, or a piece of jewelry to make a fashion statement? No matter the category you choose, designing custom jewelry can be a very rewarding and satisfactory outcome once you put your creativity first. 
Now that you’ve been introduced to the world of custom jewelry, it’s time to take the first steps to make that jewelry you’ve been dreaming of. Come talk to one of our custom design experts and let us help you have the perfect experience.

Where to get unique custom jewelry in Boulder, CO

At Walters & Hogsett Jewelers, we’d be grateful to be a part of your custom-made jewelry journey. Here, you’ll also find excellent and astonishing collections of breathtaking jewelry pieces of all kinds and styles – we certainly have the accessory of your dreams!
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After more than 40  years of building client relationships, Walters & Hogsett Jewelers continues to thrive and provide the highest quality jewelry, services, and personal attention to our community. 

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