A Beginner's Guide To Romantic Engagement Rings

A Beginner's Guide To Romantic Engagement Rings

Here at Walters & Hogsett, we believe that every lover deserves an engagement ring as special and unique as their relationship. So, if you are ready to pop the question but are unsure about which ring to purchase for your significant other, here is the perfect guide to help you get inspired with striking ideas.
Since this special moment is a memory you and your partner will always cherish, the engagement ring must be a well-thought-out choice. Make sure to keep reading and learn with all the tips we have prepared for you.

How do I know which is the best engagement ring?

Before starting your journey of finding the right ring to purchase, you must consider that engagement rings are not only an expression of your feelings for your significant other, but they are also a representation of each personality combined. These pieces symbolize the love and commitment of your relationship as well as the style of each person.
Engagement Rings
That is why we recommend you to feel free to explore your choices, from classic to modern fashion, like the iconic solitaire and the contemporary and charming halo, and many more engagement ring designs.

Keep in mind that engagement rings also come in a variety of shapes and settings, as for the way gemstones are mounted into the band.

Regarding the settings and sizes of the engagement rings, they might also be adorned with diamonds, such as the solitaire, a ring with only one diamond gemstone, or have multiple gems, such as the three stone.

Check out a few of the ring-setting options we have listed here to help you discover which one is the best fit for your love story. Let’s get into it!
solitaire engagement ring
Charming and timeless solitaire

As mentioned previously, a solitaire engagement ring is known for showcasing a solo diamond gemstone. This is a classic option, as well as one of the most popular settings out there.

With the solitaire, you will have a traditional and timeless touch that portrays a powerful gem. It is definitely a breathtaking set that exudes beauty from the simplicity and small details.
vintage engagement ring
Remarkable and Dreamy vintage style

As for vintage fashion, you can have a more subtle and traditional one, yet with a lot of personality. From sentimental family heirlooms to mid-century engagement rings, these classic pieces are a way to embrace the past as you plan for the big day.

If you are thinking about going the vintage route, you can also check out the throwback trends to get inspired and add your personal flair to your engagement ring.
three stone style engagement ring
Captivating and mesmerizing three stones

One enchanting and alluring option for a dream-like proposal is the three stone style. They showcase a center diamond accent with smaller gemstones mounted on either side.

A fun fact about them is that they also go by the name "Past, Present, and Future" rings. Engagement rings with three stones have a sleek appearance and are sure to be a remarkable choice for a show-stopping proposal.

Besides, the side gemstones can be diamonds, rubies, or sapphires, which makes these bands even more intricate and sophisticated.
halo diamond engagement ring
Enthralling and graceful halos

Think of a band that has such a pristine look! With a halo diamond ring, you can accomplish that radiance due to the dazzling circle of small light-catching stones — which adds emphasis and sparkle as it sets the stage for the ring's center diamond.

This astonishing style is ideal for those who want to make their engagement ring shine even brighter.

Another feature of halo settings is that the surrounding gemstones can be the same shape as the main one, or they can be in different shapes, such as the cushion style. This option is perfect if you want to make your diamond look bigger.

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