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Jewelry Care

A Little TLC Goes A Long Way.
The Upkeep Is On Us!

We are happy to provide free cleaning and inspection of your jewelry as often as you’d like!

Walters & Hogsett will clean, inspect and polish your jewelry for the life of your purchase. In fact, we will clean all of your jewelry no matter where you bought it. And we’ll do it while you wait—free of charge! We highly recommend this jewelry spa treatment every 3-6 months to assure your diamonds and gemstones are secure and you can wear them with confidence.

jewelry cleaning

At Home Care.
We know you love your jewelry, that’s why it’s so important to make regular care and cleaning a routine.  And we have some specific suggestions that will help.

They may be the hardest substance on Earth, but diamonds can still be chipped. So it’s best to leave your diamond jewelry at home when you know it will be subjected to harsh physical conditions. And, because even everyday activities can be tough on your favorite diamond pieces, it’s important to have a jeweler examine them twice year for signs of damage. Remember, prongs can wear thin and diamonds may fall out.

Another thing to keep in mind is how you treat your diamond ring around water. Remember, it can become loose and slip off.   And you should try to avoid wearing your ring in chlorinated water, since over time chlorine can damage the metal in the setting.

Finally, don’t store your diamond jewelry next to other jewelry pieces because it can scratch them. A fabric-lined jewelry case with separate compartments is ideal, but you can also keep them in separate pouches or wrapped in tissue paper or soft fabric.

Chlorine can weaken gold so it’s best to remove your gold jewelry before swimming or spending time in hot tubs. Also, you should avoid wearing gold chains when sleeping, and to avoid tangling, always lay chains out flat when you’re not wearing them.

“Last thing on, first thing off.” Pearls should be the last piece of jewelry you put on.  And remember that direct contact with perfume or hairspray can damage a pearl’s finish.