Get The Most Out Of Jewelry Repairs And Services

Get The Most Out Of Jewelry Repairs And Services

One of the best parts about owning jewelry is that it can be a meaningful, valuable, and versatile accessory. Jewelry can come in a variety of designs and styles, and delivers different aesthetics, from vintage to modern. These special accessories are worn to celebrate important moments in your life, enhance your fashion, make statements, and keep your favorite memories close to you. 

As vast as the world of jewelry can be, so are the services jewelers provide to increase their value, maintain quality and make it last longer. You can even create a new piece of jewelry from scratch, for example. 
We’ve gathered some information on the services our team of top-quality jewelers at Walters & Hogsett Jewelers can offer you. We take pride in helping our clients with jewelry repair and other important services, such as custom design, appraisals, estate & consignment, and gold buying.
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Keep your jewelry brand new with repair services 

One of the main goals of repairing fine jewelry pieces is that their value increases over time. Therefore, taking care of these accessories is essential to maintaining their quality.  Even though some of the issues are easy to notice, sometimes you need to have them checked by a professional jeweler to prevent damage to your jewelry.

There are cases where small problems can become bigger ones if they are not solved in time. It is also important to mention that besides being valuable, jewelry can also be a sentimental item. Repair services can ensure you will have your jewelry for many years to come.

Among the most requested jewelry repairing services are sizing, soldering, ring prong re-tipping, or replacement, shank repair, and pearl or bead restringing. There are other adjustments such as setting or stone replacements, chain or clasp repairing, and some of the most important ones, polishing and cleaning to keep your jewels sparkling!

How does the custom jewelry process work? 

Here at Walters & Hogsett, the sky is the limit when it comes to custom-designed pieces. This means that using your imagination and clarifying your ideas is vital in this process, and so is communicating with the jeweler. The custom jewelry design process has three stages: first, the initial meeting, where a designer will gather as much information, ideas, inspiration, and preferences about your style as possible.
custom jewelry process

In the second stage, we’ll design your piece, work out all the details, and decide how best to proceed. Depending on the design, your piece may be hand fabricated by one of our master goldsmiths, or we may employ “CAD," Computer Aided Design, which would include a 3D printed wax model that allows you to see and feel the piece prior to casting in gold or platinum. In this stage, you can make any changes needed to ensure the piece exactly matches your vision. The third and final stage involves fabricating or assembling the piece, setting stones, and finishing work. Make an appointment and create the jewelry of your dreams.
jewelry appraisal

What are jewelry appraisal and gold buying? 

The process of determining the value of a piece of jewelry is called jewelry appraisal. It is often used for insurance purposes, state planning, and resale. Therefore, you should count on an experienced and trustworthy professional to evaluate the quality of the materials, the jewelry's authenticity, and craftsmanship. Depending on what type of appraisal you are looking for, we can help discuss options and recommendations.

As for gold buying, it is essentially the practice of purchasing gold as a means of investment. Usually, jewelers accept gold in all forms, such as jewelry, coins, and bars. In addition, gold buying can also provide an opportunity for collectors to purchase rare pieces. 
Estate jewelry

Estate & Consignment 

Estate jewelry is any pre-owned or vintage jewelry. However, estate jewelry remains high in quality and value. Some of this type of jewelry carries a rich historical background, which makes them even more coveted by collectors. Consignment refers to the process in which an intermediary buyer sells items as a representative of the original owner. In the case of an estate jewelry consignment, the owner can sell their precious jewelry via highly regarded sellers while keeping ownership of the pieces until they are finally sold.
Schedule repairs and service appointments

Schedule repairs and service appointments 

Now that you understand the importance of jewelry repairs and services, it is time to contact a team of experienced professionals to solve any problems you may be experiencing and provide you with solutions.
Make sure to find a dependable jewelry store that you can count on. Having top-notch jewelers with high-quality craftsmanship is essential to get excellent results.

Where to get the best jewelry repairs and services in Boulder, CO

At Walters & Hogsett Jewelers, we’re excited to help you repair, resize, or redesign your favorite jewelry, or design a brand-new piece! Besides that, you can also find an excellent collection of stunning jewelry of all kinds and styles – we certainly have the piece you’re looking for!

After more than 40 years of building client relationships, Walters & Hogsett Jewelers continues to thrive and provide the highest quality jewelry, services, and build relationships within our community.
Today, Walters & Hogsett is a top-ranked jeweler with one focus: to surprise and delight customers by combining the essence of luxury with the warmth of family.

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