All You Need To Know About Jewelry Repair Services

All You Need To Know About Jewelry Repair Services

Jewelry is one of the most meaningful and aesthetically pleasing accessories one can have. We wear pieces of jewelry as a symbol of achievements, as an emblem of love or faith, and to enhance our self-esteem and make fashion statements. One way to make these pieces last even longer is by having them inspected and repaired by master jewelers. 
With that in mind, we’ve prepared this article to highlight the importance of jewelry repair. At Walters & Hogsett Jewelers,
we take pride in helping our clients get their precious items repaired and adjusted just the way they’d like. 

Let’s get into it!

Why get your jewelry repaired? 

Most of our pieces of jewelry are designed to last a lifetime, so their value increases over time. Therefore, it is very important to not only take care of your accessories, such as fixing visible issues, but also to have them checked to avoid future problems; even small damages can become bigger problems if they are not solved in time. For example, worn prongs that go unfixed could lead to a lost diamond, or a shank that is worn too thin could break.
jewelry repaired
Since your jewelry is more than a simple accessory, you’ll want to take care of these prized possessions to ensure that they will carry their special meaning and the memories attached to them for years to come.

The most common jewelry repairing services are sizing, soldering, ring prong retipping, or replacement, shank repair, pearl and bead restringing, as well as other adjustments such as setting or stone replacements, chain or clasp repairing, and one of the most important ones, polishing, and cleaning. You can find a variety of services to help maintain that brand-new look in your pieces of jewelry.

The importance of maintenance services to keep your jewelry’s value 

Whether your piece of jewelry has a delicate setting or an elaborate structure of metals and precious gemstones, it is essential to have them inspected by professionals to ensure that they are in good condition. Some issues might go unnoticed since they are not visible to the naked eye, and only a trained professional can pick them up while examining the pieces under a microscope.   

The style or the design of the piece does not matter; every accessory that gets exposed to fresh air and touches our skin, requires maintenance. Wear and tear, for example, is one of the most common factors that can damage jewelry, and you might haven’t realized it yet! For example, pieces with moving parts, such as chains and tennis bracelets, tend to collect oil and debris that prematurely wear those parts down if not removed via a professional cleaning.
The importance of maintenance services
This is why contacting a good jeweler for preventive care is so vital; we recommend paying them a visit every six months, so you can ensure that you will not only maintain your precious accessories' value over time, but also have them looking good as new.

A good way to prevent your jewelry from getting damaged is by putting it on after you put on your cosmetics, such as makeup, perfumes, skin care products, sunscreen, and moisturizers. Another great tip would be to put your jewelry on last and take them off first and keep them safe, dry, and separated in a good lined box. You should also avoid moisture as much as possible.
Make your repair appointment to have your favorite jewelry looking good as new

Make your repair appointment to have your favorite jewelry looking good as new

Now that you understand the importance of jewelry repair and maintenance services, it is time to get in touch with a team of high-quality professionals to solve your problems. Make sure to find a trustworthy jewelry store that you can count on. It is vital to have experienced jewelers with high-quality craftsmanship to get excellent results. With the right expertise, you can have your jewelry fixed or adjusted faster than you think!

Where to find the best jewelry repair store in Boulder, CO

At Walters & Hogsett Jewelers, we’d be grateful to help you recover, repair, resize, or redesign your favorite jewelry. Besides that, you’ll also find excellent and astonishing collections of breathtaking jewelry pieces of all kinds and styles – we certainly have the accessory of your dreams!

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