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Aquamarine! Your March Birthstone.

Aquamarine is a relatively well known gemstone. This is most likely due to the popularity of its beautiful blue-green color that can range from deep teal to the crystal blue found in the waters of paradise. In fact, so reminiscent of the sea is the aquamarine gemstone, that the ancient Romans believed Neptune, god of the sea, to have obtained the stone from the sirens’ jewelry box that washed up ashore.

Aquamarine engagement ring

As the years went by, aquamarine also became associated with protecting sailors at sea, many of whom believed that the stone would bring them home safe and sound. But you don’t have to be a sailor to benefit from the properties of aquamarine! Those who believe in the natural healing powers of crystals have worn aquamarine to alleviate symptoms of stress, and for years now the gemstone has also been said to provide the wearer with foresight, happiness, intelligence & courage. If you suffer from anxiety, aquamarine’s healing properties are also said to be an effective treatment.

If you were born in March, aquamarine is your birthstone and if you happen to be encroaching on your 19th wedding anniversary, aquamarine is the traditional stone associated with the occasion.

marco bicego collectionLooking to add an aquamarine piece to your collection? (Shop this Collection Now) You may want to look at those mined in Brazil, since the most valuable aquamarines come from the region. In fact, many creme-de-la-creme ladies throughout history have been gifted aquamarines by the people of Brazil, including Queen Elizabeth’s aquamarine tiara given to her as a coronation gift in 1953 and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt’s 1,847 carat aquamarine gifted to her in 1935. Nonetheless, the largest aquamarine known to date is the Dom Pedro which weighs 10,363 carats!

Although the most valuable aquamarines happen to come from Brazil, the gemstone is also mined in different parts of Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Zambia respectively), as well as in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Russia. The mining of aquamarines itself is a simple, harmless, and environmentally friendly process involving freeing the gemstones from the rocks where they are found and then cleaning and washing them. Because aquamarine is relatively easy to mine and it’s resistant to inclusions, it is a common and much less expensive gemstone than its cousin, the emerald. Still, if you’re looking to buy aquamarine, here are a few tips so you can know how to spot a quality aquamarine:

1) Flawless

Since aquamarine is one of the cleanest gemstones available, a quality stone should be free of major inclusions, since these are rare and often a sign of mistreatment. You’ll want to make sure to observe the gemstone through magnification and if you find any inclusions, these should be slight and interior and never visible to the naked eye.

2) Go for saturation

The richer in blue and less green an aquamarine is, the more valuable it is considered. In general, stones with blue tones are worth more than those with green hues and most blue-green stones are worth more than borderline clear ones. Generally, the darker the hue, the more valuable the stone.

3) Carat

In general, the prices of a gemstone rise considerably with more carats, but since aquamarine is a common stone, you can find large carat aquamarines for affordable prices.

aquamarine raw crystal

4) High quality cut

It is the cut of a gemstone that determines its brilliance. Quality aquamarines will therefore be well-cut and highly reflective. The natural crystal formation of aquamarine lends itself to the emerald cut shape, although it can be cut into any other shape you’d like!

5) Shop smart

As with anything you are willing to invest in, it is important to purchase precious gemstones with ease and confidence that you’re getting a quality product at a good price. If you’re considering purchasing aquamarine, come see our selection. Not only will you support a local business, you’ll avoid untrustworthy sellers and get a customized experience that fits your needs, from budget setting to personalizing an aquamarine piece for you or a loved one.

Thirsty for more knowledge on aquamarine? Come see us at our store or give us a call at (303) 532-1786. We’d love to help you discover more about this exquisite gemstone!


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