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It’s all about time.

A Rolex watch is built to last. From the time it leaves the workshop to the time you wear it on your wrist, the quality of a Rolex watch is unmatched.  Regular maintenance is recommended, even though there is truly no limit to how long your Rolex watch will continue to work with impeccable precision.



Should your watch require service, at Walters & Hogsett we offer a two-year Rolex service guarantee. This excludes any damage or deterioration that results from an accident or from mishandling of the watch.

Let us diagnose the problem and get you back on time.

Our local watchmaker boasts 35 years of experience working on every kind of timepiece and is a member of the American Watchmakers Institute. We’re able to service your watch movement, replace a broken crystal, and adjust timing. We can also access most factory authorized service center specific to your timepiece.


Our trusted, expert watch repair services include:

• Estimates at no charge.

• Insurance while your watch is in our possession.

• Crystal replacement, watch strap replacement, servicing of the movement, crown and stem replacement, timing, buckle adjustment, and water testing.

• Repairs can take the necessary time to ensure the internal movement and mechanisms are properly cleaned and calibrated. Your patience is appreciated.

Call us to get your watch repair started or make an appointment online! Walk-ins are also accepted.

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