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Custom Engagement Design Q&A with Our Jewelers, Todd and Claire

custom white gold diamond engagement ring with two gemstones

A - What advice would you give a customer wanting to use colored gemstones in their engagement ring? 

T & C - We encourage people to steer clear of softer gemstones like emeralds and peridots when designing an engagement ring. The color gemstones we do recommend are sapphires. They have a higher hardness according to the Mohs Hardness Scale. With stones that are closer to the durability of diamonds, re-faceting is less of a factor throughout its lifetime. A sapphire gemstone may require more maintenance in terms of polish or possible re-faceting, however, it still makes an excellent choice for a diamond alternative.


A - What are common ways customers add their own personal touch to a custom engagement ring? 

T & C - Our strategy is to pick the brain of the couple or client and find out what elements excite them in a design. This way we can incorporate those key details into the structure of the ring. Elements such as gemstones, layout, and how the ring is worn, play a significant role in the build of the ring. Another level of personalization is surface ornamentation, which could be anything from engraving to texture. A few finishes we offer are satin, sandblast, and a high polish. In addition, we also incorporate family diamonds and suggest different ways the gemstone may be integrated into the ring to fit their own taste and style. There are so many ways customers can add details to their ring that make it more than a traditional ring.


A - What is the timeline for creating a custom engagement ring?

T & C - The key factor in determining the timeline for a custom ring all comes down to how intricate the design is. There is always communication between us and the customer when designing their engagement piece. Depending on the elements and requested details of the piece, it could be done in as little as three weeks. When the customer has more specific requests, the additional personalization could take up to two months. Your input is always welcome as we want your design to look exactly how you imagined it. We recommend planning at least three months in advance. We know that with wedding planning in general, the earlier the better for everything.


A - What are your favorite styles when designing engagement rings?

T & C - When working on engagement and bridal jobs, we love working with non-traditional shaped diamonds and colored gemstones. More fun additions such as salt and pepper diamonds, or emerald cut sapphires make the ring exciting to work with. Anything that’s outside the box!


A - Is there anything else you want to say, especially for clients that might be on the fence about creating a custom piece?

T & C - Having something made special for you is not as unattainable as a lot of people think. It’s a very simple process once you get started, there doesn’t have to be any guesswork. We can CAD (computer-aided design) it, you can see the wax, hold it, and even make adjustments until its perfect, and then we'll cast it in metal. We would love to work on something with you, it’s a much simpler process than you think.


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