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Gifts to Give Your Significant Other Based on Their Lifestyle

Gifts to Give Your Significant Other Based on Their Lifestyle

With summer weddings, come summer anniversaries. Anniversary season primarily takes place from May to September when the majority of weddings occur. Even if “we’re not doing gifts this year” has come up in conversation, when does anyone truly follow through with it? Surprising one another is exciting. With the opportunity to express your story through jewelry, gifting a piece that will remind you of your time and the memories you’ve shared together is always a win. While there are traditions on what the theme should be when gifting for certain years, jewelry never fails. Here are our best recommendations for types of jewelry your partner will love based on their lifestyle. 


On the Move 

Watches are a classic. Perfect for anyone, but especially someone that’s always on the move. Think about your partner’s daily outfits, activities, and errands they're running on a day-to-day basis. Having a watch eliminates the need to pull out your phone, especially when in a conversation, at an event, or for those times when your hands are full. Most watches come with a leather strap, bracelet, or both! The leather strap has a casual feel for everyday occasions, as the bracelet is more elevated. When fitted correctly, watches are balanced timepieces that hold valuable memories from one hour to the next. 

Tudor 1926 watch on a man's wrist up close



Your partner’s jewelry wardrobe is just as important as their closet. When curating their look of the day, having options (including go-to's) is a must! For an elevated outfit, gold and diamonds are an essential of anyone’s capsule jewelry collection. Hoops are one of those things that everyone has a connection with, whether that be a traditional, bling, or a stylized hoop. They come in many different shapes and sizes! Hoops have shown promise by staying on trend throughout the years and continue to keep coming back with new ways to style them. Many trends come and go, but don’t pass up one like this- hoops are stylish forever. Trust us!

Jade Trau gold and diamond earrings on woman's ear


Nature Lover

Just like any piece of art, jewelry and gemstones have special symbolic characteristics. Gemstones are precious to nature because they originate from the earth. They each have a variety of unique properties, such as expressing certain energies within one’s self. You’ll have fun picking out jewelry with gemstones that hold a specific meaning to you and yours. The connection between nature and its materials will be forever cherished and your nature-loving significant other is bound to love these treasures. Additionally, gemstones’ vibrant colors lay beautifully on the skin, whether that be in an earring or necklace.

woman wearing a necklace with peridot gemstone


The Artist

Lika Behar’s turquoise jewelry is perfect for those who create with shapes, color, and different techniques. Her collection is loved by many but her work truly stands out to those who embrace their creative lifestyles. Not only that, but the brand, itself, is derived from Istanbul, a city famous for its romance and influence by Asian and European culture. Turquoise is a definite eyecatcher, as it is rich in vibrant blues and greens- sure to make a statement. Turquoise is organic, and the qualities that come from it instantly add more meaning to the work of art. Jewelry’s stories are told through devoted hand-craftsmanship and by the meanings in which they are given. This is clearly apparent in Lika Behar’s work. 

woman wearing gold and turquoise jewelry


The Planner

A gift to consider for your partner, is both an experience and results with a piece of jewelry! If they are the one usually planning dates, now it’s your turn to pamper them. Our Get Linked bracelets make for a great date and can be worn by anyone. Spend the day walking down Pearl Street, come Get Linked, and finish the night with a yummy meal at one of our favorite restaurants, Pizzeria Locale. Choose from a collection of yellow, white, or rose gold permanent bracelets while sipping on our signature champagne. You can both choose one to fit your own style or get matching links! With a selection of styles and metals, there’s bound to be one you will both love. Friendship bracelets have never looked this good. 

close up of gold and diamond permanent jewelry bracelets with engraved stamps greek letters tri delta 


What is Custom Jewelry Design?

What is Custom Jewelry Design?