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May Birthstone - Emerald

May Birthstone - Emerald

Ah, the Emerald! Who hasn’t lusted after this bright green, opulent gemstone? As the traditional birthstone of May, emeralds constitute one of the four precious stones (the others are diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, respectively). Emeralds were named after the greek word “smaragdus,” meaning green stone. As such, Emeralds are, by definition, green in color, though they tend to vary in shade from bluish green to bright vivid green. Regardless of shape or color, emeralds have been loved for centuries now.

They have been worshipped by the Incas and have been highly honored in all major religions for their spiritual power and beauty. Emeralds have also adorned various illustrious historical figures. In fact, Cleopatra herself was known for her passion for the green gemstone. This makes sense, since ancient Egypt was the birthplace of the first known Emerald mine, considered to be in existence as early as 3500 B.C. If you think that’s a long time ago, consider this: the oldest emerald is 2.97 billion years old! Although Emeralds are found in more than 30 countries today, Columbia is the largest producer of Emeralds, accounting for 50% of the world’s production. Columbia is also the place where the rare “Trapiche” Emerald hails from.

If you’re in the market for emeralds, you’ll want to look for a vivid green color. The more vivid the color saturation, the more valuable the emerald. Unlike with other gemstones, subtle variations in the color of an emerald make a significant difference in value, so consulting a professional jeweler prior to purchasing an emerald is a smart move. An easy trick to spot a valuable emerald, however, is to look for a color that is evenly distributed, with no visible color zoning to the naked eye. Emeralds also typically contain visible inclusions, often referred to as a “garden”, so much so that those appearing “clean” to the naked eye are especially valuable, since they are so rare.

Traditionally, emeralds are gifted for both 20th and 25th wedding anniversaries. Interestingly enough, they are also said to be an excellent stone for reviving passion and attracting a lover. To do so, it is suggested that you wear an Emerald out of sight but near the heart. And if you ask us, that seems like the perfect spot to carry such a revered gemstone.


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