Summer 2023 Fashion Jewelry Trends

woman wearing yellow gold and diamond necklaces



Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to update your jewelry collection with the latest trends. We are seeing mixed metals and colorful gemstones which are sure to add to your summer wardrobe. Wedding season is also here, so we welcome you to explore new looks and add even more style to your dance moves. Here are the six best summer jewelry trends that you need to know about.  


Mixed Metals

Woman wearing Fope necklaces

This trend is all about mixing and matching different metals, such as sterling silver, platinum, yellow, white, and rose gold. The result is unique and eye-catching, and perfect for summer. If you're someone who can’t decide between metals, why not wear both? If you plan your look intentionally, you can create a stunning combination that can be incorporated into your everyday style.

White and rose gold Fope bracelet yellow gold and white gold dangle earringsYellow, white, and rose gold and diamonds twist ring

1. Fope Panorama White and Rose Gold Alternating Pave Diamond and Polished Slide Bangle Bracelet 

2. Marco Bicego Jaipur Link Collection 18K Yellow & White Gold Flat-Link Diamond Studs 

3. Memoire Burnished 3 Row Rolling Ring 



white gold and yellow gold diamond cuff bracelets

Bangles are a timeless summer jewelry trend that never goes out of style. This year, try stacking multiple bangles in different colors and textures for a fun and chic stack. Bangles are ready to be worn your way and they are more versatile than you think! By stacking them together, mixing and matching, you can craft an individual ensemble to fit what you like best.

white gold bangle bracelet yellow and white gold with diamonds cuff braceletyellow gold thin Jade Trau bangle with diamond

1. Roberto Coin White Gold Bangle

2. Lika Behar Stockholm Bracelet

3. Jade Trau Penelope Hook Bangle Bracelet



Woman wearing yellow gold chain necklaces and diamonds

Chains are another classic summer jewelry trend. From delicate chains to chunky links, there are plenty of options to choose from. Chains are a great base for starting your “neck mess.” Daintier chains will always be relevant in your collection, and by adding bigger and heavier chains, there will be additional dimension to your outfit. 

yellow gold paper clip chainyellow gold link chain necklaceyellow gold chunky chain necklace


1.  Sethi Couture Paper Clip Chain

2. Jade Trau Betty Gold Lariat Necklace 

3. Roberto Coin Charm Necklace


Hoop Earrings 

 woman wearing yellow gold and diamond hoops

Hoop earrings are a timeless summer staple! Try playing with different sizes to complement your features even more. When stacked together, you can create a bold curated ear that can be worn every day or whenever you’d like. This trend is very eye-catching when done right. 

yellow gold and turquoise hoopssterling silver mini hoop earringsWhite gold and diamond hoop earrings

1. Lika Behar Dima Hoops 

2. Zina Sterling Silver Hoops

3. Memoire Classic Diamond Hoops


Colorful Gemstones 

hand with colorful gemstone ring stacks

Play with color and add life to your summer wardrobe with colorful gemstone jewelry. With a range of bright and bold to soft and subtle pigments, gemstones hold endless opportunity for color. This season is all about lively pops of color that sparkle in the sunshine. Colored gemstone jewelry is an effortless way to enhance your daytime style and carry it into the night. 

yellow gold bracelet with stationed gemstones yellow gold ring with a tourmaline gemstoneyellow gold and turquoise stud earrings

1. Marco Bicego Gold Mixed Gemstone Bracelet

2. Kimberly Collins Tourmaline Cabochon Ring

3.  Lika Behar My World Stud Earrings



Woman styled with charm earrings and bracelets

Charms are a fun and whimsical summer jewelry trend that is perfect for adding a personal touch to your collection. They feature a decorative element that may display the things most important to you. The resurfacing of this trend is a reminder to never get rid of certain things, they might just come back in style! 

Turquoise, yellow gold, and diamond charm earringsyellow gold and diamond key charm round yellow gold and orange charm with lion head detail

1. Jude Frances Lisse Cushion Cut Turquoise Earring Charms 

2. Jade Trau Catherine Key Charm

3. Monica Rich Kosann "Leo" Enamel Vermeil Charm


These six summer jewelry trends are sure to add some excitement and fun to your wardrobe. Whether you prefer classic and timeless styles or bold and statement-making pieces, there is something for everyone. So, go ahead and indulge in these must-have summer jewelry trends and be sure to stop by so we can help you pick out your next piece!