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Estate Jewelry and Gold Buying Event Aug 8th & 9th

Designer Days

Sharity Shopping Week

Giving back to the community is one of our founding values here at Walters & Hogsett, which is why we were pleased to invite the community to participate in Sharity Shopping Week, which took place May 1st through May 6th. During this week-long celebration, we donated 10% of every sale and gave 10% savings back to our clients! Customers could choose from six leading charities to donate to: Autism Society of Boulder County, Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Impact on Education Foundation for Boulder Valley Schools, Boulder Bridge House, Blue Sky Bridge Child & Family Advocacy Center, and Emergency Family Assistance Association in Boulder EFAA. We welcome you to familiarize yourself with all six of these inspiring organizations. During this week-long charity event, we hosted a special trunk show with one of our favorite designers, Sethi Couture, to kick off our Spring Designer Days.

Spring Designer Days

We introduced Designer Days last December, and they were a total hit. During these four consecutive weeks over the holidays, we brought in a selection of our best designers that showcased their work over a weekend. Since we had such a great response, we decided to bring in a few more for our Spring Designer Days, featuring Sethi Couture’s elegant colored diamonds and Lika Behar’s old world charm. Although we have long admired Sethi’s everyday elegance and Lika’s hand wrought pieces featuring exquisite precision, we finally had a chance to have a one-on-one with Lika and get to know the inspiring designer on a personal level. Read on and get to know the mind behind the beautiful pieces of Lika Behar.

What’s your favorite thing about designing jewelry?

Getting to be creative. I love looking at a stone and creating something I want to wear with it. I imagine the piece in my own lifestyle. I also really like making people’s faces light up because of the jewelry they have on. I feel like I create love and I like creating love. 

What intrigues you about unusual materials, like the unusual pearls in the Pearlesce collection?

They often have fun shapes. These pearls especially are baroque pearls, so they’re uneven and I like everything that’s new and unusual and created naturally. When I create a piece around an unusual material, it’s like the materials themselves speak to me of how they’d like to be created.

Two of your collections (the Helena of Troy & Goddess Minerva collections) are inspired on strong historical female characters. What type of woman would you say are attracted to your jewelry?

I like creating pieces for strong women, someone like Andrea Mitchell. I design with confident women in mind, and of course I want them to wear my pieces, but at the end of the day, a woman’s own confidence and radiance is the most important thing she can wear.

What do you wish people knew about the world of jewelry or jewelry design?

I wish they knew that it’s very difficult to duplicate pieces exactly, especially when it’s a handmade piece or made with materials found in nature. 

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry and why?

My long gold Stella chain. I named it after a crazy girl I knew that could never commit to anything. This is reflected in the necklace by the variety of different shapes used, as well as the opposing lengths. I wear it all the time, I love it.

Finish the sentence: A must-have every woman should have in her jewelry box is…

… a piece she absolutely adores. It doesn’t matter what it is. My philosophy when it comes to wearing jewelry is that you must love it!

How (if at all) do you think the mix of living in New York city and being raised in Istanbul affect your designs?

I think it does affect my designs in that I take the classic aspect of Turkish jewelry and make it more modern.

Have you been to Boulder before? What do you think of our town?

I love Boulder and I love that Boulder is casual chic and very unique! I come here twice a year and always have a great time.

Thank you Lika for your time, we loved getting to pick your brain a little more and see how your unique personality translates to all your designs!

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