Top Engagement Ring Trends in 2021

Top Engagement Ring Trends in 2021

2020 was certainly a challenging year, but one thing we know for sure is that the expression of love was stronger than ever.  No matter what the year, you should always select a style and setting that speaks to you.  But, if you’re interested in knowing the 2021 “trends” in engagement rings, we’ve compiled a list for today’s top styles!

The Unique

Custom designed engagement rings have taken on a new-found popularity and 2021 proves to be no exception. People are looking for styles unique to them, but are also looking for very distinctive cuts and interesting settings. You can work and meet with a skilled artisan at Studio W&H to achieve just that!

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Horizontal Stone Placement Rings

Horizontal Stone Placement

East meets West. A great way to highlight a traditional stone in an emerald, pear, or oval cut set in a horizontal position. We love the unique, modern twist on an otherwise classic look.

Understated Elegance Ring

Understated Elegance

We are seeing a resurgence in one of our favorites – engagement rings featuring raw, unpolished diamonds. They can be alone in a simple setting, or surrounding that diamond with a beautiful halo.

Vintage Setting Ring

Older Cuts & Vintage Settings

Because so many people were kept apart in 2020, young couples are looking to dig a little deeper in traditions and their legacy.  We’re seeing older cuts return like pear-shaped diamonds. Look for heirloom-inspired designs to be big in 2021 – especially if you’re looking to create your own legacy!

Classic Ring

Classics Remain

You can never go wrong with classic styles. People are gravitating more toward solitaire rings and 3-stone settings. What diamond shapes will we see beyond some older cuts? Rounds, ovals and cushion cuts answer that question, along with delicate platinum settings.

Jewelry Band

Bands Taking Center Stage

Because many wedding celebrations have either been postponed or reduced in size, we’re seeing engagement ring seekers opting for a ring that includes a bigger band, or rings that provide a more two-in-one look.

Dainty Side Stone Ring

Dainty Side Stones

Three-stone rings have definitely been on the rise, and Meghan Markle helped that trend stay alive and well. What are we seeing? Smaller side stones that are somewhat petite and dainty in keeping with modern flair.

Yellow Ring

Always Yellow

Yellow gold engagement ring settings are making a big comeback, and we’re expecting to see more and more brides-to-be choosing yellow gold over platinum and white gold. We don’t ever understand why it went out of style, because yellow gold is timeless. White gold will continue in popularity, but we are seeing a bit less in rose gold. In rings, yellow is the new black!


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