Wedding Day Of Jewelry

Wedding Day Of Jewelry

The saying, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," dates all the way back to the Victorian Era. This phrase encourages brides to wear one of each of these things on their wedding day to ensure luck in their marriage and ward off wicked spirits. While every wedding is different, it’s certainly fun to follow this tradition or make it your own. Here is how you can use jewelry for one, or all of these things!

Something Old 

To begin this tradition, start by finding “something old”. At Walters & Hogsett we have a specific jewelry collection for previously loved pieces; our Estate Jewelry Collection. This collection is a curated assortment of jewelry that was previously owned and is still in exquisite condition. As our collection changes, we curate pieces that deserve to continue being celebrated. There is something for everyone! On the contrary, you can also ask a parent, grandparent, or another relative if they have something old for you to wear. However, you also have something to borrow! Keep reading as we get into that “something.” 

Something New 

For the “something new” part of this tradition, what’s more perfect than purchasing a new jewelry to wear on your wedding day? If you have had your eye on something for a while, a wedding is the perfect reason to treat yourself. Create another memory by reminiscing what you put on right before saying “I do.” From that day on, wearing the piece of jewelry you wore on your wedding day, whether that be a bracelet or watch, will remind you of the way you felt when putting them on to get married.   

Something Borrowed

Like the "something old" element, the "something borrowed" may come from a family member or friend that would love to lend you a heirloom. According to the tradition, this jewelry item typically comes from a married family member or friend who wishes to transfer their happiness through the borrowed piece. These connections will continue the charm passed down from their relationship to yours. The strength of their marriage will allow for endless support for years to come. 

Something Blue 

How do you incorporate the color blue into your wedding day look? This can be especially hard for those whose wedding colors don’t incorporate blue. However, there are easy solutions when it comes to jewelry. While there are many blue gemstones to choose from, we often recommend sapphires for their versatility. Whether that be in a statement piece, stacking band, or as dainty studs. Another  way to incorporate blue would be by styling your look more bohemian with turquoise. Turquoise is bright and full of life. It's not the most common bridal gemstone, but if it fits with your theme or style, go for it! There are plenty of beautifully blue gemstones that would make a perfect “something blue!”