Bamboo Woven Sautoir Necklace

This sterling silver John Hardy Bamboo Woven Station Necklace features (12) flat and twisted stations detailing bamboo motif graining and is finished on a 32 inch curb link Sautoir necklace with a lobster clasp. IBUKU designs speak to the limitless potential of bamboo artisanship — an eco-industry that relies on the continued sowing, cultivation and harvesting of bamboo in rural communities. As such, their vision resonates deeply with the Bamboo Collection, which to-date has sowed over 1.3 million bamboo seedlings in rural Bali. Each seedling has the potential to one day be transformed into a magical, livable, low-impact structure —by the IBUKU team or by the next generation of artisans and architects. This is the nature of circular design: to always be collaborating, with one another and with our earth.