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The Only Limit is Your Imagination

If you can imagine it, we can make it. The skilled custom jewelry design artisans behind Studio W&H relish the chance to work with you to create your own unique, personal piece of custom jewelry.

Meet Todd: Our Master Artisan.
Todd Hollely discovered a passion for jewelry making in 1992 at the Maine College of Art. Recognizing the personal and cultural significance of jewelry and becoming fascinated by the malleable quality of metal, Todd began using hammer and torch to elevate everyday objects through design and fabrication.

Hollely graduated with a BFA from the Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM program at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, studying under Stanley Lechtzin, a pioneer in alternative jewelry making technologies such as electroforming and computer-aided design (CAD). For over 20 years, Hollely has looked to his passion for art history and experimentation with both traditional and non-traditional jewelry-making techniques to craft unique pieces of jewelry.

In 2019, Hollely joined Walters & Hogsett as our Master Jeweler and Designer. His inspiration, drawn from the beauty found in both the organic forms of nature and utilitarian human creations, has helped apply his touch to all Studio W&H bespoke creations. In his free time, he enjoys running and going to the tops of mountains here in Boulder, CO.

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Mark Vieregg and Don Janson

Browse Our Artist Portfolio for inspiration

custom gold emerald slab necklace with diamonds
custom platnium black diamond ring
custom gold spinel ring with mixed cuts
three custom platinum diamond rings
custom silver black bracelet
custom pear shape engagement ring
custom diamond necklace
custom gold wire ring with diamonds
custom gold emerald bracelet
custom gold diamond ring

The Custom Jewelry Design Process

The Initial Meeting
The first step in the custom jewelry process involves meeting with our designer at Studio W&H to identify your personal style, share your ideas, and pin down your likes and dislikes. Custom design is also a perfect way to incorporate family gemstones and update heirlooms or outdated jewelry you no longer wear or love! 

Once we’ve met with you and made our initial sketches, we’ll give those illustrations to our jeweler, who will create a Computer Aided Design rendering of your piece. This CAD technology analyzes and modifies your design, shape, detail and texture. Adjustments are simple to make, so please speak up!

The Wax
Once you’re completely satisfied with your customized design, our jeweler will create a wax model. This 3D wax model allows you to see and feel your piece before we finalize and cast it.