Live In It - Bangles and Tennis Bracelets

Live In It - Bangles and Tennis Bracelets

The BRACELETS that you never take off.

Tennis bracelets, bangles, diamond bangles...they are a timeless accessory, simple and effortless. They are a lively addition to the wrist, and are very eye catching. A piece of jewelry you live in. Bangles are said to be this year's signature accessory and we are eager to see many worn at this year's Wimbledon Championship Tennis Tournament. We have Chris Evert to thank for introducing diamond line bracelets on the court!

Three prong diamond line white gold tennis bracelets  

Yellow gold and diamond classic channel bangle

Rose gold milgrain diamond line bracelet


1. Hearts on Fire Temptation Three-Prong Bracelet 

2. Hearts on Fire Classic Channel Bangle 

3. Memoire Milgrain Diamond Line Bracelet


Styling Tips 

With the right bangle or tennis bracelet for you, comes the utmost comfort. It can be put on and worn at any time of the day, throughout the day. Whether you have five to layer or a single one, they can be lived in at their maximalist or minimalist state. Diamonds gently wrapped around the wrist are a staple to any outfit. In any season! They can take an everyday t-shirt and jeans, and elevate it. Genderless, too, these bracelets can be styled by anyone. They are truly mean’t to be lived in as a second skin.



woman wearing yellow gold and diamond necklaces

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